Branded Precision

Small Business Website FAQ

Website Content

How many pages are included?

Every package has a page size which we will create. However, you will be able to add more pages after the site is launched. 

Where does the website content come from?

The content on your site will come from you.

Hosting and Domain


Are monthly updates included?

Yes, 2 revisions per month.

Can I buy more monthly updates?

Yes, additional updates are $125/hour.

Why is there a monthly cost?

The monthly cost includes hosting and security updates, and it keeps you from having to pay for your entire site upfront.

Who makes changes to my site as they are needed?

Outside of your monthly alloted updates, you have access to edit any content on your site, add new pages, change images, etc. 

Other Questions

What is the length of the term agreement?

There is a 6-month commitment.

Is the site mine to own?

Once the term agreement is fulfilled, you will have complete ownership of your site. 

What is the development time?

We will be able to launch your site within 2 weeks so long as all content is made available to us within a reasonable time. 

Video Ads FAQ

If I don't have access to my logo file, can video ads still be created?

If you don’t have any logos available, we can create one for you as a separate package. 

What file type do you require?

An .esp file will work the best, although we will allow .jpeg files as long as they are 400px on the longest edge. 




Where does the video content come from?

You must provide all logos, photos, and copy required in the video ad. We can provide the audio. If the client needs specific video or audio from another vendor, the client will cover the cost. 


Can my own video be used?

Yes, as long as the video quality passes our inspection. This is only for our Advanced Package. 

Is audio production automatically included?

No, this is a separate package for $179. You may use your own voiceover, but it will need to pass our inspection. 

Will I receive further updates from you on my video and audio?

No. Modifications after final approval are $125/hr.  

Do I need to give input on my video creation?

Yes, providing input and instruction will help us tremendously to see the project move forward in a timely manner. 

Can I hire you to record my voiceover audio?

Yes, we would be happy to do provide you with voiceover audio. You will need to provide us a script of the audio you want recorded. 

Can you help me create the correct video format for other social media platforms?

Yes, we can certainly help. The Bump Video fee is $149, and $299 for the TrueView. 

Will I own the rights to put my video on other social media platforms?

Yes, you will have the freedom to post the video wherever you would like. 

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